Underdeveloped Rural Healthcare System: Concern for Indians

India is a country of villages with a lot of natural resources. The people in cities and towns are fit and fine because of the rural support only. However, rural areas in our country are still not developed with backward infrastructure. If we talk about the health care system, everything is mismanaged.

As a consequence, needy people don’t get proper treatment and care even if they are capable of affording the high level treatment. This is the primary cause of low life expectancy in India. Taking a deeper look, the problems can be categorised as:

  1. Poor Infrastructure: Hospital infrastructure in most of Indian villages is in a very bad condition. There is a major lack of rooms and beds. Availability of staff is another concern. In case of emergency, one can’t expect proper health care at disposal. Moreover, many hospitals do not get 24 hour electricity and water supply, which compromises of the healthcare.
  2. Availability of Qualified Doctors: This is another concern in rural areas as there is always a brain drain to developed urban areas. Qualified medical professionals do not wish to stay in villages and move to bigger cities. As a result, rural areas have more professionals who may not have the best skills and the patient may end up getting sub-optimal treatment.
  3. Lack of Advanced Equipments: These hospitals do not have advanced equipment in most cases. Thus, people can only get general medical ailments treated. For higher and severe ailments, they need to travel to bigger cities and in cases where time is essence people end up losing their lives on way. Even the transport facilities are not up to the mark and one can’t literally expect to be transported to a hospital quick enough in case of an emergency.
  4. Low Cleanliness: Hospitals are places where cleanliness is a major concern. There are certain diseases, which spread when there is poor cleanliness. Moreover, many diseases heal slowly when the surroundings are not clean. An infected body needs a lot of hygiene to have a speedy recovery.

The government is trying to alleviate these problems, but it is not an easy affair. There is a lot of inertia in the system and also a lot of corruption. The old adage – prevention is better than cure, is applicable here as well. Hence, taking care of one’s health is of utmost importance. In rural areas where the healthcare facilities are poor, self-care is even more important.

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